Arza & Legazpi Learning Centre

Arza & Legazpi Learning Centre offers specific training and development activities that can be adapted to suit our clients’ needs, using innovative, proven methods. These are our development programmes and workshops:

Leading with the five senses

Leading implies fully developing our senses and knowing how to manage our emotions. To lead, “reason” and “emotion” are both essential.

“Emotional intelligence” is about being open to new realities. It means having a different, more open and creative conception of the world around us, and especially of our co-workers.

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Development centre for sales teams

Some authors claim that “you can only improve what you can measure”. Indeed, evaluating a sales team’s skills is the first step towards improving them. But, improvement also requires constructive feedback and specific action plans suited to each individual’s needs.

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Flowing in the firm

Is it possible to achieve high performance at the same time as intensely enjoying work? What can we do to accomplish this?

Studies by internationally renowned authors have identified a set of techniques that help to strengthen the development of a state of high performance and personal satisfaction, known as “flow”.

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Leadership for new leaders

One of the most important moments in anyone’s career is the transition to management positions, where objectives are achieved through others. Professionals usually spend a lot of time becoming excellent specialists, but they are often poorly prepared to become good leaders. Everyone knows where the Faculty of Economics, Law or Engineering is, but nobody knows where the Faculty of Leadership is.

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Communicating and persuading

How can we positively influence others? Communication is an essential human activity. Those who have a good grasp of its rules are able to gain the trust and backing of others, thus making them great sellers or leaders.

A good communicator has some innate abilities, but needs to develop and strengthen them.

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